Evan Hutchinson is a lens-based artist with an interest in human social and psychological behaviour and how it interrelates with the idea of role, duty, task and interaction. Incorporating multimedia, Hutchinson explores chance procedures, repetition of tasks with improvised and choreographed performance work. Through video documentation, Hutchinson captures various forms of facilitated experimentations that attempt to question social, mental and emotional behaviour while exploring the human form and its endurance. Showing variety in repetition, Hutchinson deconstructs and reconstructs conventional encounters and social constructs for examination.

Evan Hutchinson is from Toronto, Ontario and completed her BFA in photography from Ryerson University in 2016. Recognized for her academic achievements and artistic excellence, Hutchinson was awarded the Roloff Beny Foundation Photography award in 2014 as well as the Photography and Digital Communication Award in 2015. In 2014, Hutchinson was also chosen for the opportunity to study abroad at University of Westminster in London, England. From 2016 to 2018, Hutchinson relocated to London, United Kingdom to continue her independent practice while also developing her career in arts education as an Academic Program Coordinator with the Royal Academy of Arts, London. Hutchinson currently resides in Toronto.